2018 Les Lavkulich Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service
2016 SSHRC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement
2015 Liu Institute for Global Issues Bottom Billion Research Award
2015 International WaTERS Graduate Fellowship (International)
2014 Resilience 2014 Conference Travel Award
2013-17 Four Year Fellowship for PhD Students (UBC)
2013–16 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award, (National)
2013 Les Lavkulich Scholarship for Resources and Environment (UBC)
2012 Graduate Student International Research Mobility Award (UBC)
2011 College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award (UBC)
2011 Faculty Women’s Club Jubilee Award (UBC)
2010 Certificate for a Graduating Leader, Dean of Arts (UBC), honorary
2008 Go Global International Learning Programs Award (UBC)
2008 Best Delegate Award at Model UN (UBC), honorary

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