Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC - PhD

IRES is a problem-focused and curiosity-driven interdisciplinary research institute and graduate program, with interest and expertise in a wide range of topics under the realm of environment and sustainability. IRES's mission is to foster sustainable futures through integrated research and learning about the linkages among human and natural systems, and to support decision making from local to global scales.

Environment and Development: Gender, Equity and Sustainability (EDGES), UBC – Member

EDGES  is a research collaborative based at IRES, UBC, working on the intersection of environment and development, with focus on social and environmental justice. 

Program on Water Governance, UBC – Member

The Program on Water Governance  conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on water sustainability, and fosters dialogue on water policy with communities and decision-makers.

International WaTERS, International - Fellow

The International WaTERS Research and Training Network (Water-related Training, Education and Research in the global South) addresses ongoing water governance and security challenges, with focus on the global South. The International WaTERS is a unique partnership with a multi-faceted approach: promoting collaborative and comparative research on urban water resilience, with specific focus on rural-urban linkages and institutional, social and equity dimensions; fostering knowledge mobilization through academic and policy dialogue in our Network and beyond; and building an extensive network of expertise available to enrich capacity and graduate training at partner institutions.

Environmental Change and Transformations Network, UBC - Co-founder

The Environmental Change and Transformations Network (ECTN) aims to contribute to this emerging research area by enabling researchers from a range of disciplines to connect, fostering critical conversation about the opportunities and challenges of transformational change for navigating today’s profound environmental change challenges. 

Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape Town – Visiting Academic, 2016

         EGS at the University of Cape Town hosts a variety of research groups that work broadly on
         climate and development in the Global South, including the African Centre for Cities, African
         Climate and Development Initiative
, and the Climate Systems Analysis Group. At EGS, I was
         working with Prof. Gina Ziervogel

Water Ethics Network, Water-Culture Institute (Santa Fe, New Mexico) – Fellow, 2013-2017

The Water Ethics Network offers a forum for water professionals, business leaders, indigenous representatives, academics, civil servants, artists, philosophers, and others interested in water to reflect on the values and principles — the ethics — underlying the way we use water, share water, and care for water ecosystems.