I am a scholar of urban water resilience and environmental governance. I study the various dimensions of urban water governance in relation to sustainability and resilience debates. With a focus on urban planning and governance processes, I critically investigate the various and often uneven transitions towards more resilient and sustainable water futures. I have a PhD in Resources, Environment and Sustainability from the Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability. In my doctoral work I studied the intersection of water governance, resilience and environmental justice in urban contexts using multiple qualitative and quantitative methodologies and a case study from Cape Town, South Africa. I engaged critically with resilience, evaluating the various ways in which resilience thinking is reshaping urban water governance across different scales. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and a Master of Arts degree in Resource Management and Environmental Studies. In my Master’s research I studied water governance and the human right to water in South Africa. In addition, I have practical experience with water development projects in the Nepalese Himalayas, focused on building irrigation canals and shaping strategies for future community development projects. My research interests also include water ethics, international development and transformative water governance. I am a member of the EDGES research collaborative and the Program on Water Governance.

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